The long-awaited solo exhibition of Ekinakis, Commune – Community – Communication, hosted by the contemporary art venue of Urla, Gru Art Gallery, is opened to visitors.

In her “Commune – Community – Communication” exhibition, Ekinakis focuses on the individual who is part of the contemporary community yet is unable to communicate, or rather lacks the ability to connect.

The works at the exhibition describe the imaginary representations of the crises we face both as individuals or as a society, such as ecological annihilations, human rights violations, social or legal corruption, in the inner life of the artist.

The works at the Commune – Community – Communication exhibition differ from the earlier works of the artist where she used the “one line drawing technique” to bring emotional expression to the forefront with simple lines. In the current exhibit, are works where Ekinakis uses collage on canvas, a technique she had been working on since 2017. The artist creates a space for imagination on oversized canvases where she applies fabrics spontaneously. Unlike her previous works where the characters are silent and melancholy prevails, this exhibit, for the first time, reflects the artist’s feelings tangibly with screaming individuals. The ropes and tethers she uses in her works represent words or speech while individuality within the society focuses on loneliness and selfishness.

Of the 33 works exhibited, most are created in 2021. Ekinakis, in her Commune – Community – Communication exhibit, invites the audience to contemplate on the ongoing communication norms, and hopes that more communication will lead to more feasible solutions.


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