Return & Refund

Ekinakis’ first priority is to make you happy with your piece of art. We believe we can find a solution for almost any problem that you might have.

– All orders can be cancelled before they are shipped. Once your order is shipped, it can not be cancelled.
– You can exchange your order once you have received it. Please ship your initial order back to us. Once we receive it, we will make a full refund and you can place a new order.
– If your print doesn’t arrive on time, please contact us and let us figure out the cause of the delay and track your package.
– If your package is lost, please inform us with relevant evidence and we will send a new print in one to three business days.
– If you receive a print that is damaged during shipment, please contact us. Attach the photos of your damaged print and the box it was shipped in. Damages during shipment are mostly not repairable, therefore we will most likely ship your order again.
– If we cannot address your concern or provide a solution, or if you are not happy with your print, please ship the print back; we will refund your payment after receiving your shipment.
– After one month of your shipment date, we will not be able to make refunds.