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Turkish Contemporary Art

Ekinakis is a brand of art created by the Turkish Contemporary artist, Ekin Büyükşahin. When you wish to find new and innovative art to display in your home, shop, restaurant, hotel or office, you can always guarantee that the pieces produced by Ekin will be authentic and original.

The artistic world of Ekinakis is beautiful to view – with distinctive characters and settings, you can find contemporary art to suit your specific environment.

Culture can play an integral role on anything creative, whether it’s in the form of art or writing, culture has an effect on different people and can often be the reason for a person’s personality; making us all dissimilar.

If you’re someone who enjoys looking at artwork that is relatable yet imaginative, then you can expect this mode of art from Ekinakis art. Ekin Büyükşahin’s art always toys with the idea of possession, relations and environment with characters that have a personality and an environment.

On the Ekinakis website, you will be able to view the latest artwork from Ekin, as well as view her classical pieces; whether they're printed, illustrations or a pen work.

‘Good Night Jack’ is Ekin’s piece – view it now online amongst her ‘new’ range.