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Searching For Exciting Contemporary Artists?

Are you looking for contemporary artists who work in an illustrative style? Do you wish to order a commissioned work from a highly original artist?

The signature style of Ekinakis is instantly recognisable and ideal for anybody looking for unique portraits that are deeply atmospheric and tell a different story every time you look at them.

More about the artist.

Working under the brand name Ekinakis, Ekin Büyükşahin is a contemporary artist based in Istanbul.

Her pieces are popular with a wide range of clients, from interior designers in New York to exciting galleries like the Uniq gallery in Istanbul which specialises in contemporary art.

With subdued landscapes reminiscent of the English painter Lowry, and figures with long faces that draw influences from cubism, this contemporary artist produces work that has a broad appeal.

As a Turkish illustrator, Ekin Büyükşahin was born in Ankara, the country’s cosmopolitan capital. She achieved her bachelor degree at the Bilkent University Faculty Of Music and Performing Arts, which is reflected in her digital portraits of classic composers like Brahms, Bach and Chopin.

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