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Searching For A Talented Turkish Illustrator?

If you want to discover a contemporary artist who specialises in unique portraits, look towards Ekinakis for a passionate Turkish illustrator who produces work in a range of mediums.

Ekinakis have many stunning pieces that look incredible as part of any interior design scheme, with larger artwork that will look great on a feature wall.

Ekin Büyükşahin is a Turkish artist and illustrator who also has a strong interest in photography and music and is based in the city of Istanbul, a fascinating place with many cultural influences that are reflected in her work.

Working under the brand name Ekinakis, her pieces are sold all over the world and she’s been featured in numerous publications.

Offering a blend of fantasy and realism, her contemporary art is intriguing, enigmatic and includes a number of character series.

Working from her atelier in Turkey, this illustrator works in a variety of mediums, including digital, watercolour and acrylics. Her portraits all have a signature look that brands her work as completely unique and she covers a wide range of subjects, from composers and musicians to couples and famous characters.

She has produced many commissioned works which you can browse on her portfolio.