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Original Contemporary Art

Have you been searching for original contemporary art online or by attending art exhibitions? Wherever you search it may be difficult to not only discover art which is original, but also a style that you like. If you enjoy a distinctive piece of art with a hidden message or a story to be told, then you’ll enjoy the work of Turkish Illustrator & Artist, Ekinakis.

The creator of Ekinakis art, Ekin Büyükşahin, has developed an artistic entity that is admired worldwide, and is available for global delivery when you order online. By looking through the Ekiankis website, you will see a wide selection of original contemporary art pieces as produced by Ekin herself.

An example of Ekin’s wonderful work is her original watercolour piece known as ‘3-2-1 Action!’. In this piece, from a quick glance, it may seem like a couple who are mad in love and inseparable. But there’s more to the story – they’re actors filming what seems to be a love scene. With the nice touch of the moustache, beauty spot and ‘Rec’ symbol in the corner, it’s a clever little piece that can appear in any surrounding.

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