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Leading Turkish Contemporary Art

Every culture has a different outlook on various aspects of our lives – and art is no different. Art is extremely versatile and is available in many different forms. By browsing through our collection of art here on the Ekinakis website, you will see the leading Turkish contemporary art from this original art brand.

Ekinakis art is seen across the world. Its abstract appearance is what gives it that glimmer of uniqueness that all the best art provides. The creator of Ekinakis, Ekin, is an illustrative, creative and talented artist who enjoys creating a new world, unique characters, attractive settings and contrasting emotions within her fine art pieces. From animal drawings to famous beings, Ekinakis offers something for every art admirer.

Ekinakis is always producing contemporary pieces to provide for art lovers. One of the latest pieces is the 'Neighborhood' graphic pen piece. Based in a city, we see many people looking out of their windows. Within close proximity, these people are not united, but all share a similar expression and need to stare out their window. This is their neighbourhood and they are united together, even if they aren’t together; they’re a group.

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