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Fresh Turkish Contemporary Art Online

Do you want to browse through a new and fresh range of Turkish Contemporary Art online? By looking through our website, Ekinakis, you can view the fine art produced by Ekin Büyükşahin herself.

Ekin’s work is powerful, so powerful that it can tell you a singular story or many little intricate stories within one piece of her work. It’s well worth browsing and depicting it, mostly because it’s joyous to wrap yourself in the typical world of Ekinakis art.

Her artwork is not only pleasing to the eye, but extremely satisfying to your mind. Her work is suited to any living or working space and will instantly transform your space should you need to do so. If you’re currently giving your home or workplace an interior renovation, you can always get ideas from Ekin’s art.

One of the latest works by Ekin, ‘Left Behind’, is an example of the themes Ekin covers. ‘Left Behind’ represents many potential themes, two of which being loneliness and loss. With a picture of someone behind a blind onlooking the world, it could suggest that this individual has been left behind, whether it’s from a lover or family member, they’re alone.

Take a look at her new artwork and decide for yourself.

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