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  • Are all of your works listed in your Portfolio?

No. Some of the works are not listed. Our instagram account @ekinakis is a good source to follow Ekin Büyükşahin’s works. 

  • Can I purchase original works?

Yes. Some of the original works are listed in our website under the “originals” section in the shop. If you are interested in a work that is not listed, please contact us via e-mail. 


  • Can you print your works in dimensions that are not listed on your website? 

Yes. The printing process takes place in our atelier and we can prepare custom dimensions. Our maximum length for the short side of the print is 100cm. The long side can be as long as you wish. Please note that the dimensions you ask for, must be proportion with the original work.

  • Can you print on a surface other than photo paper or canvas?

We always have a stock for these two materials. If you are interested in another surface, let us know.

  • What kind of paper do you print on?

After experimenting with lots of different printing surfaces, our choice is 220gr. matte photograph paper and 330gr. canvas manufactured for digital printing. 

  • Should I choose canvas or photograph paper?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Photograph paper is a smooth surface and you need to have a glass surface in front of the work. Canvas has a more textured surface and you can have it stretched on a frame, then use it without a glass in front of the work. 


  • Do you accept commissions?

Yes. Ekin accepts commissioned works when she finds the time. Generally, the earliest deadline we can give is a few months ahead. There is a certain procedure we follow for accepting commissions. Please contact us to get details on this process. 

  • Can you make modifications on your finished works?

No. Ekin does not prefer to make any changes on a finished work.


  • Can you frame my orders?    

At the moment we do not ship framed works because of the risk of damage during shipment. 

  • Do you make a discounts if I order in relatively large quantities?

Please let us know if you have the intention of ordering more than five works. 


  • Do you ship abroad?

Yes. We ship worldwide with UPS express. 

  • When will you ship my order?

We normally ship in 1-2 business days. Just to be on the safe side, we state that it will take us a maximum of 3 business days to ship.

  • When will my order arrive?

You can always track your order with the provided UPS tracking number. Your order normally reaches its destination in 2-3 business days. If you are in the far east or Australia, it may take up to 5 business days.  


  • Do you accept PayPal?

Unfortunately we don’t. PayPal has stopped operating in Turkey in June 2016. Since then, we only accept visa and master card payments. Hopefully we will have a PayPal option once they start operating in Turkey again. 

  • Why is my payment not being processed?

If you reside in Turkey, because of current banking regulations you are not allowed to pay in USD. Please select “bank deposit” as the payment method and follow the instructions. If you are in a country where banking regulations allow credit card payments in USD, please double check and make sure that you have entered your credit card details correctly and that you have not used invalid characters.