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Ekinakis Original Art

Do you want to find an artist that you can relate to with abstract originals or illustrations? Ekinakis original art is a great solution for your artistic desires. It’s a form of art which offers great complexity, abstraction and a conflict of emotions.

Ekinakis art breathes elegance and innovativeness into any room. When you require brightness in your living space, then you can rely on Ekinakis. Her art is unique, mainly due to the great mix of emotions some of her work displays. This is achieved through how the background and characters are presented.

Ekin Büyükşahin has a range of her original pieces on her website, all of which are Watercolour paintings. Some of these paintings include Chin To Chin, 3-2-1 Action and Partyl Cloudy Part 1.

Love At Nursing Home is another original watercolour print by Ekin, and is a fine example of some of her typical work. It has a gothic and illustrative appearance to it, and almost suggests many things in terms of their love at a nursing home.

The two characters are positioned far away from the nursing home, which makes us think that their love makes them feel far from the nursing home or outside it. The characters also don't seem to be entirely happy with their expression, but because they're sitting close to each other, they could be considered content in each other's company – maybe having been married for a number of years.

Create your own opinion on her wonderful pieces today by viewing the rest of her portfolio online.

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