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Ekinakis Drawing

Ekinakis drawing can be the new fascination of your room. With a collection of watercolor prints, collage works, digital pieces, graphic pen art and mixed media pieces, you will have an array of fine art available, all produced by Ekin Büyükşahin herself.

What can you expect from the art of Ekinakis? Contradiction, negative emotions and brightening backgrounds. Her pieces all have a style and all encourage you to take a step into her dark and mysterious world.

When your room is lacking imagination and requires a burst of vibrancy, then Ekin’s fine art is the solution. Her artwork is illustrative, imaginative and eye catching that will fit into your home or workplace. With pleasing patterns, textures and colours, you can expect the highest quality of art to choose from.

The art work of Ekinakis began as a hobby of avid artist, Ekin, but now it’s an international hit with customers spread across USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

You can see the fine art of Ekinakis by looking through the portfolio on our Ekinakis website. Ekin is always working and regularly uploads new pieces of art on the site.

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