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Discover Original Contemporary Art

Could your hotel or restaurant benefit from original contemporary art? Or are you looking for unique and quirky pieces for your home?

At Ekinakis we have a stunning collection of contemporary pieces that are genuinely original, intriguing and atmospheric. All our original contemporary art comes from Istanbul, Turkey, where our talented artist lives and works.

A broad range of influences can be found in our modern paintings.

With a touch of Lowry, Picasso and other influences thrown in the mix, Ekinakis have art that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. Whether you love surreal pieces or illustrative style art, you’ll fall in love with our quirky and intriguing pieces.

Painted in muted and subtle colours, our portraits will suit the colour scheme of any room.

Our original contemporary art is available in various mediums, including watercolour, collage works, digital works and graphic pen drawings, so you can easily find a style that will complement your room or the theme of your venue or gallery.

With new pieces being added all the time, you can easily find one which fits your colour scheme or mood.

To get a taste of our style, why not browse our portfolio today?