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Contemporary Artists

There are thousands of artists across the globe, all of which vary in style and preference of art. Contemporary artists embrace all forms of art today, with the ability to work with a pen, paint or computer, art is developing and providing more opportunities. This is one of the appeals of Ekinakis art – a variety of formats are available.

Just from viewing the portfolio of Ekinakis, you can see that Ekin has produced Acrylic Works, Collage pieces, Digital Art, Graphic Pen Works and Mixed Media pieces. With such a diverse ability with art, Ekin's work is purchased across the globe. With the signature mood and appearance of Ekinakis, you can always guarantee meaning and story behind every piece. Characterisation and setting are key in every Ekinakis art work.

Whether it’s Digital Work or a Graphic Pen piece, the Ekinakis brand follows a similar style in each piece. The neutral expressions and lively setting or a motionless character with high emotions within the picture, Ekinakis will make you think about the meaning – and there isn’t always one!

Ekin’s preferred media works are digital, watercolour and acrylics, but she’s very experimental with her art and is always trying new processes to produce her work.

View her latest artwork today.

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