2018 has been a beautiful year for me / for us.

We accomplished what we planned to do with our lives. We no longer live in Istanbul. We came to Izmir, Karapınar to lead a serene, quiet life. We worked for quite a long time on the construction of our atelier. Therefore, I wasn’t as productive as I wish during my pregnancy. At the end of July, our son Uzay was born. I had to pause my artistic studies for a while. For the last 5 months I am enjoying Uzay’s every move and when he falls asleep, I work, shower, rest, take a walk and eat 🙂 When I feel ready and when I think Uzay is ready, I will go back to my old tempo.

Although I couldn’t work intensively through out 2018, Ekinakis continued its active life. With the help and support of my beloved Turgut and the superpowers of our chief printer operator Süleyman, my works could not have reached so many countries around the globe! Also I would like to thank Ateş Erkoç for working day and night managing all our sales channels, Hatice Azimli for creating magic in digital marketing and Sinan Altan for coming to the rescue and handling all graphic design issues Ekinakis needs. Thank you for being a part of the team. I am sure we will manage much more in 2019. Despite my mood shifts and crazy hormones, thank you for still loving me and thank you for being there for me 🙂

This year, my new and old work reached lots of people.

Touched and positioned themselves in people’s lives. They mix into different lives right from the places they are hung in. I wish I could explain the kind of happiness this state makes me feel.

The bond we form through lines and colours are so very valuable to me. For this reason, I would like to thank you once more for your existence!

And finally; there was longing for me again in 2018.

I missed my father even more. I wish I could introduce my father to my son and share every excitement in my life with him.

This sorrow will remain in me, always.


2019 will start with a surprise that excites me tremendously. The silent book I have been working on for a couple of years is going to be published by Paraşüt Kitap by the end of the month.

I wish the new year will be more creative and productive.

I hope to work on large scale works and plan to bring to life the ideas that go round and round in my head. I hope I will succeed.

This year, one of my biggest desires is to travel more. I miss my dear Netherlands. I want to visit The Netherlands at the first chance I get and fill with tears of happiness.

I could not manage to keep my blog active enough.

I hope to be a better writer this year 🙂


I wish everyone a fabulous year!

I wish you don’t let go of your dreams…

Lots of love!