In 2017, I went through complicated and confusing stages of sorrow, love, longing, pain and happiness.

 I lost my father and experienced pain like never before. I feel I grew older and still miss him everyday.

 We got married! My father’s health could not make it possible for him to attend the ceremony.

We moved to a new atelier. Although the moving part was very exhausting, being in a new atmosphere was at least that much inspiring.

This year, I worked as hard as I could.  Created and thought as much  as I could. Actually I was able to overcome the pain through this proccess.

Through my work, I got in touch with more people than I could imagine. For this, I feel lucky and happy.


We made some plans for 2018!

We decided that we no longer want to live in Istanbul.

By the end of January we will be moving to Izmir / Karaburun to live there permanently.

Next year, I will continue to create closer to nature, inhaling fresh air, in a quiet and traffic free environment.

When everything is ready, I will introduce my new atelier. Can’t wait for the day to come!


I would like to thank you all very much for your support and your ways of motivation that hold no boundaries.

I hope 2018 brings you health, happiness and peace even further than your expectations.


So glad I have you!

With love.