Team & Collaborations

Ekin Büyükşahin




In 2013 Ekin Büyükşahin founded Ekinakis. She started off by displaying her works at some design stores in Istanbul and other online platforms. She worked alone for almost three years getting a little help from her husband Turgut Pöğün. Because of the growing interest towards Ekin’s work, in 2016, she decided to share the workload with new staff members to be able to concentrate more on her artistic studies. She has been curating and making all the aesthetic and strategic decisions about the brand since then.



Turgut Pöğün




Trained in musical composition, Turgut started getting involved with the brand shortly after its foundation in 2013. Since he is Ekin Büyükşahin’s husband, he played an important role in the growth of Ekinakis throughout the years. After becoming an associate professor, Turgut resigned from his academic position in 2018 and started working actively for Ekinakis. With his organized and disciplined work routine, Turgut is the key behind Ekinakis’ institutional success.



Ayşegül Sarıgül


Sales Manager and Graphic Designer


Ayşegül Sarıgül started working for Ekinakis in late 2019. She holds a degree in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design and has 2.5 years of experience working as a sales and after-sales specialist at a private company. Ayşegül is not only working as the sales manager but also as a graphic designer at Ekinakis. She adapted to her role in a very short time. We hope to see her as a part of the team for the years to come.



Hatice Azimli


Digital Marketing


Hatice Azimli started working for Ekinakis in 2018. Hatice holds a degree in advertising. She worked as a professional digital account strategist for 3 years. She is working to contribute to developing the digital advertisement sector through digital marketing. Hatice has helped Ekinakis grow and make Ekin’s work visible to audiences around the globe. She plays an essential role for Ekinakis.




Software Development and Web Design:  Cem Köyük & Berhan Soylu
Photography and Video: Burçin Esin
Public Accountant: Kayan and Associates P.A.
Legal Consultancy: Law Offices of Erhan Sakaoglu P.A.
Canon Technical Support: Zafer Büro Makinaları
Mimaki Technical Support: SDS
Logistics: DHL
Package Manufacturer: Merkez 35 Ambalaj, Su Ambalaj