Print Atelier

Printing, packaging and shipping is completed at Yörünge Sanat in Urla, Izmir, Turkey. Yörünge Sanat is our print atelier that has been producing Ekinakis prints since 2016. We are proud to be working with Yorunge Sanat considering their experienced, meticulous and devoted staff, up to date printing technologies and the quality of their prints.



Canon Technology


We use Canon’s wide format printers produced for fine arts and photography prints. We also use a Mimaki Flatbed UV printer for printing on harder surfaces such as glass, stone, wood and metal. We use original Canon and Mimaki ink.



Tailored exclusively for Ekinakis


We use mailing tubes manufactured especially for Ekinakis. They are thick and durable, and can resist the challenges of international shipping. The tubes are wrapped with plastic foil to protect the print from water and also make the package more resistant. For the shipment of framed or original works, we use custom made boxes or wooden crates.



Express delivery with DHL


We have a courier visiting our atelier daily and shipping our orders worldwide. We normally ship in one or two business days, but sometimes, due to the heavy workload in the atelier, we may need an extra day. We promise to ship your orders in a maximum of three business days.